Tromsøya, Tromsø


Marine research center

Perfectly placed

The very northern tip of Tromsøya in the arctic region of North-Norway, is a place that is defined by its relationship to the Barents Sea. This is a place that seems to be the perfect location for a marine research centre – A place where the contents of the sea meet the ideas and intentions of those who study it.

Feasability study
69.71516°N, 19.01321°E
00.0000°N, 00.0000°E

DRMA was asked to investigate the potential of the plot as a place for marine research including laboratories and housing for researchers and students, all with a close relationship to The Arctic University of Tromsø.

Researcher housing – Unique living units, harmoniously integrated into nature.

Waste not, want not

Our concept is founded in the age old and very local approach of maximizing the use of resources we see in the robust and resilient coastal communities that are common in the area. This homage is also visible in the way in which the concept consists of smaller elements surrounding a circular centre. It may look futuristic – almost science fictional – but in reality, it is an approach that is as historically inspired as it is modern.

Planktons’ potential

The structures appear lightly placed – almost floating – on the coastline and are inspired by one of the ocean’s essential building blocks – plankton. This tiny organism represents a world of structure on both the micro and macro levels. We find it immensely inspiring in terms of answering the question of how we, in the future, can utilize the ocean’s resources in a better way.

The concept is a voice in the debate. It challenges existing notions and represents a new idea that feels as perfectly natural and precisely local as only the right ideas do.

View of the student accommodations, as seen from the coastal center.

A local and international meeting place for exchanging knowledge and experiences – at the brink of the sea!

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