Madla Revheim

Urban development, masterplan

The heart of Madla

Build a healthy city, create robust people: Create the framework for a thriving lifestyle!

Stavanger Municipality and Masiv
Parallel competition, selected
58.95134°N, 5.65670°E
Cobe, Rambøll, 1:1 Landskab
00.0000°N, 00.0000°E

Revitalizing Madla: Transforming a challanged south-west Norwegian district amidst heavy traffic, swamps and closed institutions into a healthy and robust community.

Six ways to one goal

The vision behind the master plan is to develop six different identity-creating boroughs. Six boroughs that has their own way of solving the need for urban spaces and intermediate zones. Six uniquely sustainable boroughs placed like pearls on a string around The Heart of Madla.

One pulse

The Heart of Madla is a green and active hub for knowledge and health. The school yard and its surrounding sports facilities represent a potential for intensifying Madla’s pulse. Too many cars and boundaries between what is public and what is private clogs the arteries, so we propose to expand public zones, to disband the restraints of boundaries. We want to cultivate the collective and to do so in a way that promotes education, active lifestyles and public health.

The essence of city planning and creating resilient and attractive  communities is to design sustainable, equitable urban areas that can withstand rapid challenges while providing quality services and equal  opportunities for all residents

Patience Brings Results: Drawing the Long Lines in Madla Revheim Development

DRMA has participated in a decade-long planning for the new district, Madla Revheim, resulting in ambitious strategies for a 10-minute city.

We have closely followed the project and engaged as consultants for the quality program, master plan, and area plan implementation. The team consisting of DRMA, COBE, Rambøll, and Herbert Dreiseitl has developed new tools and knowledge for the area's development.

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