We are an award-winning architectural office with experience drawn from a rich variety of projects within architecture and place-making. We are rooted in the living history of Norwegian and international architectural practice, but first and foremost committed to the places we work with. 
In our hometown Drammen we are leading a range of ambitious collaborations with the city administration, developers and other stakeholders. Here, as in most of our projects, we bring together the community to turn local potentials into reality.

Our team

DRMA is a dedicated team of architects, planners and landscape architects. We share a passion for architecture as the art of creating meaningful places that lift up people and communities. Inspired by the past. Forming the future.
Anders Granli
Anders Hus Folkedal
Landscape architect, 3D specialist
Antonin Gros
Benjamin Fjerdingstad
Bjørn Wang
Erik Hoen-Lund
Partner, architect
Haakon Askim Vatne
Architect [London office]
Hanna Aass
Hedda Grimm
Kathrine Vangen
Maja Osberg
Marte Lerkelund
Mike Vo
Architect, 3D specialist
Navid Navid
Architect [Lofoten office]
Petter Grimm
Partner, architect
Solveig Bergstrøm
Urban planner, architect
Suzana Petrovic
Ylva Hindhamar
Urban planner, landscape architect


At the heart of DRMA's practice, is a cooperative DNA that brings together a diversity of professions for more sustainable and human solutions. We work with a collaborative model that moves from initial research, strategic planning and creative development to detailing, construction and final delivery. Our role is to lead complex projects with many stakeholders and opinions, with a humble and professional approach.

We move from idea to project

By seamlessly integrating public participation, city visioning, architecture, ideation and construction, we strive to make a positive impact wherever we work – and whoever we work with. We know how to engage the entire community around our projects from day one – clients, specialists and users – and manage to drive forward precise, outstanding and genuine solutions. Our inclusive approach pursues the synergies that arise out of a close collaboration while being truly open to others - whether its engineering skills, cultural understanding, economy or knowledge of the local flora and fauna or sauna!