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Meet the Mesna

The 1994 Winter Olympics and the Netflix series Lilyhammer might be what most people think of when they hear the city name Lillehammer. But we think of the river Mesna – and how it can can drive the development to new reputations.

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Mesna runs through Lillehammer and is the proposed site of a 40,000 sqm. new location for the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Lillehammer Campus.

We won the commission by insisting that Lillehammer’s historic relationship with the Mesna is preserved and enhanced in a way that will benefit every inhabitant of Lillehammer.

Daylight qualities

The structure provides great flexibility with regard to solar and climatic conditions. We have made simple adjustments to maximize climate adaptation of the structure to Lillehammer's climate. There is great potential in the further process by delving deeper into the analysis of climate-adapted urban spaces, pocket parks, sunny sides, places, passages, etc.

Lillehammer x Mesna

We believe that the Mesna represents something extraordinary and invaluable to Lillehammer, and however the project goes, a city park at its banks will make sure that the inhabitants have access to this diverse piece of nature and Lillehammer history.

The project is already being heavily discussed locally and we are in full swing with the assignment of further developing Lillehammer, its identity and history as well as raise the local community’s connection with the Mesna.

Six ways to harness the potential of the Mesna river:


The park's features and activities are highlighted in the municipality's idea catalog, serving as a basis for programming. Elements should be multipurpose for a positive park experience throughout the seasons.

The river

Mesna's water is the park's main attraction and should be staged in different forms. Access to the water should be available for visitors and fauna, while also ensuring safety during water level rises with the possibility of needing an alarm system


The new lighting in the park and under the road bridges is crucial to creating safety, highlighting the site's qualities, and creating a pleasant place to pass through day and night. It should showcase textures and vegetation, create clarity on connections and directions, and always feel secure


New paths in MesnaParken must meet accessibility requirements and provide a safe and secure connection for commuters, allowing them to easily travel from A to B. Wide main paths should be cleared of snow to allow access in all seasons. The success of MesnaParken as Lillehammer's new connecting link depends on the he quality and accessibility of its paths.


A new bridge connecting the many directions of Mesna is necessary and should be of high quality to become an attraction itself. It should be a place people want to pass through on a daily basis and thus become an attraction all year round. As the park develops, additional bridges may be needed to weave the park together across Mesna.

Nature preservation

The forest in the gorge by Mesna should be the main green expression in the park, preserved and developed to create biodiversity in organic communities. The vegetation around the paths should be friendly and open, contributing to the park's safety day and night. The landscape under the road bridges offers great nature experiences for all.

With close proximity to the city center, bus station, and Mesna, Lurhaugen housing development offers a one-of-a-kind living experience in the heart of Lillehammer.
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