Bergans of Norway, HQ

Feasability study, building permit

A backpack is all you need

Putting on your backpack and stepping out into nature is deeply rooted in the Norwegian soul. Outdoor outfitter Bergans of Norway have been nurturing that soul for 113 years. So, when tasked with rethinking their corporate headquarters in Asker, we literally stepped outside the building.

Bergans of Norway, HQ
Commissioned, completed
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Lars Gartå
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With a good backpack you are at home everywhere

The act of being perfectly present is captured in the idea of backpacks – everything you need, nothing you don’t. Our addition of a pavilion to the existing building mirrors that idea and embodies the values that are at the core of Bergans of Norway.

The pavilion is lightly situated on top of an old parking garage, almost like a freshly fallen snowflake, yet sturdy like a backpack. And like a backpack the showroom contains everything you will ever need when exploring the natural world. It represents the heart of the brand in both form and function. Functional by default and every bit as thought-out, well-founded, well-considered as the brand, the ideas and the products it contains.

The pavilion is a new dimension to the existing building. It contains Research & Development, a product showroom and a staff of tailors for repairs. It lets visitors experience the past, present, and future of what it means to feel at home with nature. It is a framework for presenting, developing, and repairing the products that must belong in the backpack of the future.

The refurbished building and new pavilion have given Bergans of Norway a fully functional and valuable improvement of workflows and brand presence in Norway and are unique in the way they execute on brand heritage as well as modern needs.

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