Lillestrøm, traffic junction

City centre, urban development, masterplan

Shopping with wasps

Discover Lillestrøm: a thriving hub with unlimited potential. Close to Oslo, close to Gardermoen, Lillestrøm is a vibrant transit town that blends world-class expo venues with an abundance of opportunities.

Lillestrøm Municipality, Viken Municipality, BNE, Ruter
Parallel assignment
59.95503°N, 11.04032°E
Urban Creators, Christian Mong
00.0000°N, 00.0000°E

Flow of people and water

People and needs are rapidly flowing in and out of Lillestrøm every day. If you zoom out, you will see that so does the water. Lillestrøm lies low in a wetland area; this means that rivers, streams and brooks all run towards this junction. We used this as an advantage to expand the city in a gentle manner.

The project presents a unifying plan for an ideal junction development with a clear recommendation to accommodate the nature of Lillestrøm and nature itself.

Resolving opposing needs

Exploring the intersection of urban development and seamless transitions centered around public transportation, we encountered a bustling crossroads where the local and the global, mobility and immobility, and being on-the-go and returning home intersect. Our challenge was to find a solution that balanced these conflicting demands.

A plan that effectively balances opposing requirements

The masterplan shines a spotlight on the intersection, defining its boundaries and creating a clear path through the river in the south park to the west, and the boulevard to the north and east.

This connection between the wild and the tamed makes for an ideal starting point for developing a place for people and biodiversity to coexist – in transit.
“Biodiversity finds its way to Lillestrøm as naturally as people, and that literally means that where people stop for necessities on the way home, so would for instance a wasp”
Christian Mong, Ecologist

Balancing ecology and aesthetics

Good urban ecology is key to creating attractive city spaces through effective and design principles.

Active Facade

Requirements for outward-facing business with one entrance, high visual openness, and no window covering. 80% of first-floor facade must be windows or entrances for public-facing operations.

Open facade

Designed with a high degree of visual openness. At least 60% must be windows. Covering of windows is not allowed

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