Grønland, Drammen

Grønlands kvartal

Business development, CBD

Co-working in Drammen scale

To create the future workspace in the heart of Drammen neighborhood, we examined collectivity and envisioned an optimal setup for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as local hubs for large nationwide and international companies.

Competition, selected, design development
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We found that each hub or company must be able to retain its distinction and autonomy within the co-working space, but also that the sense of community that close co-existence gives, has great social as well as business value.

Three becomes 12 but remains as one

The original brief called for three tall buildings to tower over Drammen. We saw a need for deconstructing that idea – a need for building something at Drammen scale – something that would incorporate the need for autonomy as well as community and complement the existing urban structures along the river.

Our concept of 12 separate buildings gathered in a hive structure appears as one building with a very accessible and public first floor. This is Drammen: downscaled, robust, dense and different.
"The principles for the active hub are reflected in the design of the architecture, emphasizing features such as flexibility and visual openness"

Open facade

Design with a high degree of visual openness. At least 60% must be windows. Covering of windows is not allowed.

Active facade

Requirements for outward-facing business. At least one entrance per business and high degree of visual openness. At least 80% of the ground floor facade must be windows or entrance for customer-facing business. Covering of windows is not allowed.

Functional facade

Designed with consideration for (production) activities on the ground floor to be moved into public spaces. The ground floor facade must have at least 80% door, window, or entrance.

Global scale

We – and others – see this approach as an ideal template for SMEs and hub type co-working spaces. Shareable, circular and self-sufficient.

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