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Development strategy

We Love Ørnes

Moving a community forward is all about having its qualities and imperfections at the forefront of one's mind. The coastal center Ørnes and the rest of villages and islands of Meløy have a remarkable commitment to move their communities forward. A deeply rooted ambition, perhaps even desire, to be and become a place like no other.

Meløy Municipality
Parallel assignment
66.86806°N, 13.70855°E
COAST, Bjørbekk & Lindheim, Arve Vannebo
00.0000°N, 00.0000°E
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A coastal community of the future

Ørnes and Meløy have a unique possibility to become frontrunners within climate-smart placemaking. Beneath the sea surface there is a veritable ‘blue’ forest of eel grass, mussels, seaweed and kelp that are known to have great potential in water-purification and the storage of CO2. By promoting innovations above and below the surface, Ørnes and Meløy can become a force to be reckoned with within the production and harvesting of the food products of the future.

The Meløy Typology – combining residential, rental, and social spaces near the water.

The ‘Brygga’ culture

The use of wharfs along the coast is very prevalent locally, and we propose to create a central wharf for locals and visitors alike. It draws on the history of wharfs as melting pots for socializing and sharing. And it will be a very visible heart of local activity by the coast.

Holistic plan for an integrated coastal society ready to face new realities and potentials.

Ørnes becomes a more dynamic experience hub by connecting the shopping center to the fast boat and coastal ferry docks. The pier area is enhanced with a new library – the first of its kind in the country– that serves as a virtual center for information and knowledge about Svartisen glacier and the nature and wildlife in Meløy. The waiting area transforms into an unforgettable Experience Room.

Network works

There are indeed many things to fall in love with in Meløy, and our concept is rooted in the idea of bringing all those things together. To develop connections and functions that will be mutually empowering as well as stand-alone qualities.

Meløy Municipality invited DRMA to help develop a cohesive strategy for their community focusing on the future for the village and the island in terms of growing the local community and its position as a regional destination.

Hydro's industrial adventure in and power production in the Heart of Glomfjord, Meløy.

The future of industrial production, innovation, and ocean farming.

We love Ørnes! We made an entire book of how much we love the place and the fantastic people of Meløy.

Climate-smart coastal mobility

Simplifying Meløy's mobility means requires a holistic approach to transportation and encourage new players in the feld of coastal travel. From ferries to buses, boats to e-vehicles, sharing options to bikes, all must be accessible and convenient to use.

One option could be developed in collaboration with Hurtigruten, buses, express boats, and local services, by combining charging and sharing solutions for residents and visitors. With a "Coastal Card" everyone can access these mobility solutions – tailored to their needs.

The mobility dock will offer charging and sharing of electric cars, boats, bicycles, and other forms of smart mobility. It is crucial that travelers to the islands and villages have the opportunity to take advantage of all the services provided through a common solution and platform. By hopping off Hurtigruten at Ørnes or taking the express boat from Bodø, you can travel around Meløy region in a climate-smart and efficient way, and have access to accommodation and experiences on the same platform.

Letting the ocean in

Central to the strategy is the construction of Norway’s first tidal water park. Imagine a park that breathes with the ocean and changes with every ebb and flow. The park re-establishes a natural coastal zone and lets the ocean into Ørnes rather than building more Ørnes in the ocean. The park embodies the beauty and robustness seen throughout the area, and demonstrates the harmonious relationship between nature, climate, and public wellness.

The world's northernmost tidal park
Tidal park that restores a natural coastal environment and spreads awareness of the ocean, beach and coastline.

Embracing Northern wilderness and terrain brings us immense joy and refreshes the soul. The true coastal experience lies in the threshold where the water meets land. That is why we made plans for the best sauna experience in Meløy.

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